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Joey at 8 weeks old.

Joey at 8 months old.

Molly at 8 weeks old.

Molly at 11 months old.

Sophie at 8 weeks old.

Sophie at 8 months old.

Chewie at 8 weeks old.

Chewie at 8 months old.

Roxy at 8 weeks old.

Roxy at 7 months old.

Rosie at 8 weeks old.

Rosie at 3 months old.

Brooks at 8 weeks old.

Brooks at 9 months old.

Gigi at 8 weeks old.

Gigi at 5 months old.

Ollie at 7.5 weeks old.

Ollie at 8 months old.

Rudolph at 7.5 weeks old.

Rudolph at 5 months old.

Saorise at 7.5 weeks old.

Saoirse at 5 months old.

Betty at 7.5 weeks old.

Betty at 6 months old.

Interista at 7.5 weeks old.